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Nugent Home Improvement, LLC in Bethany CT offers complete interior remodeling services, everything from concept to completion. As experienced general contractors servicing the region for 20 years, NHI offers its clients a one year warranty on all products and services it provides. We work with interior decorators, designers, kitchen and bath companies and provide installation services for some of the well known box stores.

I would like to thank Nugent Home Improvement, LLC for their work on the disabled home modification made to our Ansonia home. As someone with disabilities who requires the use of a power wheel chair for ambulation, I can appreciate the workmanship that Peter employed in making these renovations. However, what was most impressive in his work was the thoughtful details that he focused on that may seem insignificant to some-but have made egress in the home far easier for myself, including...

  • Modifying the plans to move the pantry cabinets six inches away from an exit door to allow the wheelchair user more space to actually reach the door handle. The designer, who is not a wheelchair user, did not take that into account.

  • Also, the pantry cabinet were further repositioned laterally, this creating an opening three inches wider between it and another cabinet base. Increasing the clearance allows better movements, and as a long-time wheelchair user, each additional inch of space allow is most appreciated.

  • Extra care was taken to install all wheelchair-friendly 36 inch doors straight and plumb. And, the door transitions between the new laminate floor and existing carpeted floors were very well done.

  • The design plans of the kitchen included a roll under range, workspace and sink, all sitting under the ADA recommended counter height of 34.5 inches instead of the usual 36.5 inches. However, the wall cabinets were set at the standard height of 54 inches off the floor. Peter noticed the difference and recommended that the cabinets be lowered by two inches to maintain the visual relationship of the counter and counter tops.

The above examples show the careful craftsmanship and detailing of Peter and Nugent Home Improvement, LLC. And not just wheelchair users, anyone contemplating quality home renovations can fully appreciate the thoughtful workmanship of Nugent.

Based on the service my family and I received, I would not hesitate to recommend Nugent Home Improvement, LLC for any and all interior renovations, and especially for disabled and living-in place modifications.


Ralph I. Villers III


Ansonia, CT